Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dignity in America

Music has and does play a big part in Chris Brown's life. In a recent interview, Chris was quoted as saying "Music is every bit an object like a rose or a painting. A song or a sound can touch you in the same way as a old family photo can, or finding an vintage, timeless object in a attic. Songs and objects all have a soul to me". Visit - musician John Mellencamp has created not only timeless country and rock songs but also beautiful paintings that speak volumes. "Dignity in American" (60"x60" Paint on Canvas, pictured above) is a example of John's work using religious images, written words and beating hearts.

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Eric Hart said...

John Mellencamp's paintings and your Urban Prairie design work seem to have a lot in common. You both display a great deal of cutting edge style with a bold interest in color and graphics.