Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A True Fan (4)

Belinda writes:
I discovered you and your Urban Prairie style about a year ago. Since then I've tried to absorb everything I could about you and your different take on design and decorating. There is something about a man with tattoos. And the way you see beauty in old things. And you're straight. That in itself is different in the design world. My friends and I check your blog daily and are thinking of starting a blog about you and your inspiring style and views.


Chris said...

Belinda~thanks for writing. I'm glad you enjoy the things I do. I'm always happy to know I inspire others with my work. Straight or not, I think is beside the point. Everyone who does what I do has it deep inside them. It's a passion. I believe we all have the power to see beauty in the simple things around us. Thank your friends for me. I appreciate their support also.

teresa sheeley said...

I agree with Belinda~ your Urban Prairie style is to me cutting edge and I predict it will become extremely popular. I really loved the old bottles you made into beautiful decorations with the vintage rhinestone pieces! You are very inspiring!

Jane Dagmi said...

Chris, the way your mind works and what your eye sees is amazing to me. The images on this blog and on your website are so far ahead then anything I've seen. I love your "urban prairie" style. I would love to spend a day with you and climb inside your head to see how you create your little world. I'm definitely part of the "urban prairie" cult.

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