Sunday, February 4, 2007

{ Style Tip } Welcoming Winter

Question: Hi Chris! Hope you can help? In the last few days it has snowed - alot. I'm throwing a dinner party and want the guest to arrive to more than a ton of snow piled against the door. How can I make a warm welcome? Thanks, Michelle L.

Answer: Michelle, Believe it or not we also get some snow down in the lone star state, so let me tell you what I do. I love ivy and moss. I have it growing year round (in the greenhouse during the cold months). Before your guest arrive, simply place ivy/moss filled vintage urns on both sides of the doorway. Right down in the snow. {Tip} Do this only 10 or 15 minutes before your guest arrive. Everyone will arrive with a fresh, summer dose of green to welcome them. And the off white urn plays well off the super stack white snow. Thanks for writing, Chris

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Michelle said...

Thanks so much for the tip Chris! I love that idea. It's mother earth at her finest - mixing the seasons. I'll definitely try it for the party.