Friday, February 23, 2007

Little Urban House on the Prairie

Spring is when things ready start getting hot. The Warrenton/Roundtop antique show is around the corner. "Crack Heads", the first book in the Urban Prairie "oddities" series will be released in it's special "collectors" addition. Brand new "REFUELED" tees will be available. Fans from all over the world are emailing and getting caught up in this crazy, indie-vintage, cult design thing called URBAN PRAIRIE. Life is good.


Elizabeth said...

If I could take only sea grass and build a house and afloat that house upon a pond and in the pond swims fat little children who laugh and splash until the house is dampened with the sweet smell of wet sea grass - that scent is what I think of when I think of Urban Prairie.


kansasrose said...

When will the book be out Chris? Can I pre-order it? I love this photo...have seen so many of these beautiful dwellings on my Kansas prairie. They always stir....and have so much to tell.

carlene federer said...

did you ever get my "crack head" photo? AND can't wait to see the new UP Tee's!