Thursday, February 8, 2007

They're Back!

Chris Brown from Urban Prairie and D'Ette Cole from Etta Industry spent time together last October in Warrenton, Texas for the Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Show. During the show they drove out to a small, "Twin Peaks" like little thai joint 17 miles outside Austin. There they talked about many things - Clutter, cultural oddities, tumbleweeds and Marfa, Texas {this conversation can be found at in the STYLE & INSPIRATION section, under CLUTTER}. Because of the great response and interest in the self-discribed ODD COUPLE's "conversation", Chris and D'Ette have agreed to reunite for the Spring Warrenton show in April and bring us another interesting collaboration. Stay tuned to these pages for that "odd" reunion.


Betty B. said...

SOUNDS GREAT! I can't wait.

Garden_Antqs said...

I always make Clutter one of my favorite places to shop. I'll be at Zapp Hall again this Spring. I hope I run into you. Love your blog and website!!

Take care,