Tuesday, March 6, 2007

{ Style Tips } New or Used?

My boyfriend and I just moved into a loft in the city and have a question. We have beautiful brick walls and a concrete floor. I love your Urban Prairie style and would like to create that in our new place. Should we purchase a new sofa or a used one? What would work best in a loft like ours? Thanks for your help.
Holly B.

Sounds like you've got a great Urban Prairie start already. I love exposed brick and concrete floors. But the question is new or used...There is something about furnishing a home with secondhand pieces. They just seem more lived-in. In a urban loft there are certain pieces that will best suit the hard edges of industrial chic. In a large space, long, low sofas work well. Look for flea markets or stores that offer a nice selection of new and secondhand furniture. Choose colors that best suits you. For a more modern look, consider neutrals. For a funkier presents, look for bolder colors or vintage fabrics. Urban Prairie style is about giving things a fresh twist. Follow your heart. If you love it you can't go wrong.



Holly B. said...

Thank you Chris for writig back and helping us. The photos were very inspiring. Again - I love your style. I'll send you photos when we finish.


Dawn G. said...

I'm crazy about your style tips. I've started a scrap book to add them all to. Please keep them coming. I hope to be a interior designer someday. I don't want to be like everyone else and I'm learning alot from you.

Dawn Garders