Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Day of Clutter

Twice a year, kind of out in the middle of nowhere, this pretty wonderful thing happens. People come from far and wide with their treasures and wares and all weather gear. They set up their goods to sell in fields and yards and barns and on porches and in big circus-sized tents. And this sleepy pastoral countryside is transformed into a bustling marketplace. So goes the Warrenton/Marburger Farms Antique Show in South Texas, March 31 - April 7. CLUTTER, a show in the show itself, is one of the not to miss stops. D'Ette Cole started Clutter 12 years ago. In that time she has gathered a huge following. Eager to pursue larger scale projects and work in a broader, more far reaching design arena, D'Ette recently announced her departure from Clutter. While Clutter will continue by a close friend, Staci Schwantz, D'Ette's vibe and direction will be missed.

On April 2, Chris and D'Ette will meet at Clutter and set out on the fields of the show and bring you a "junkhunt" like never before. Stay tuned to these pages for pictures and a blow by blow account.

Photo by D'Ette Cole


Emily Treloar said...

Chris, I can't wait for your report. My girlfriend and I "live" through your adventures.


kansasrose said...

This sounds like junk heaven it does! Dang I would love to take "Mabel" my big old wheat truck down there and fill her to the brim with treasures. She probably would burn up and give up the ghost by the time we got to Lubbock...for now I will junk vicariously through your blog....:)

Garden_Antqs said...


I love Clutter; it is the place to go. I'm set up at Zapp Hall, in front of the hall. Hope to see you there.


Chris said...

I'll stop by and say hello!


carlene federer said...

I'm pea-green with jealousy! Have a great time!