Saturday, March 10, 2007

Urban Prairie "Collector Profile" Series

Third in a series - Elizabeth Maxson

Name: Elizabeth Maxson
Company: Elizabeth House
Location: Saint Louis, MO

Crew: Elizabeth, God, Ara, Tara, Patrick, and any unsuspecting male figure who wanders into my store just as I need to move, hang, or take down something very heavy and I am working alone. Believe me, I will ask!

Influences: Having lived in Europe for six years plays a part. Another part? My rules over logic. It ignores opinions. And it saves me from the mundane. But it can cost me sleep....for it never stops.

Philosophy: Use what you love and love what you use. I truly believe in using everything in my home...nothing is for show. I have no room in my home (or my life for that matter) for things that are just for show. I believe in "livable elegance." Who said "elegance" means all glitter and glam? There is something very elegant about the curve of a tarnished tea pot. There is something elegant about a single rose bud soaking up water from an antique lab beaker or test tube. Just shift your paradigm.

Favorite Collection: Furniture! Yes, furniture. The epitome of recycling is taking something that is ready for the junk yard, and breathing new life into it. My recycled furniture is painted with love, upholstered with care, and used with enthusiasm. Nothing makes me happier than to hear a visitor squeal with delight as she enters my bathroom and discovers an antique baptismal font refurbished into a sink.

Favorite Piece from Collection: My dog bed made from a vintage television set circa 1950. My little pug, Monty, hops through the "screen" and curls up on his custom cushion and Ta Da! I now have HDTV! (Happy Dog Television)



Teresa Sheeley said...

Elizabeth is wonderful!! She has given me so many tips on decorating, paint, and much more! And I really encourage everyone to stop by her website and check out her photography. I am so glad you mentioned her!

Garden_Antqs said...

Elizabeth is an inspiration to us all. She seems so genuine. And, her site does have great ideas!! I have her and you listed as my favorite sites/designers to visit.