Friday, January 12, 2007

Urban Prairie RUIN(s) the World

Out in the dark, seedy, Dallas music world - Jason Hess, lead vocals and guitar for the up and coming band RUIN is spotted sporting the fashion accessory tee of the winter - the URBAN PRAIRIE skull/rose logo thermal. Jason says "I kept hearing about this odd guy who collects cracked and vintage doll heads, so right away I thought he was cool." Hess did some searching. "All the new things he was doing to inspire a new generation was right in line with what RUIN is trying to do with music. I really dig Chris' vision" Jason added. For more info on RUIN, visit

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Anonymous said...

I have seen these guys spawn into a great sounding band. They have a sound that stands out from all others. I think the guys are ready to Ruin the world with there heavy in your face sound.