Wednesday, January 17, 2007


To quote myself, "I like to take things people don't see as beautiful and somehow make them beautiful". People love the things I do with white roses, cracked ironstone platters, tranished trophy cups and moss...that's the prairie side of me. But the side of me that seems to turn the most heads is the urban, or is that strange, side of my design style. I've come to be known for my vast collection of cracked, faded, vintage doll heads and the displays/vignettes I build with them. My fondness for the odd comes as no suprise for the people/clients/fans that know me. It's this side that more and more people are beginning to ask about.

Teeth: This past summer I found myself talking to a gentleman who had just cleared out the contents of a old dentist office in a small Texas town. He let me search through a vintage metal cabnet. There I found display TEETH of all sorts. I fell in love with their odd beauty and I just knew I needed more. My motto, if one is good, five is better.
Scissors: Their different shapes and sizes are so interesting. The patina of old metal gets me everytime. I have about 15 of them simply sitting on a large cracked, but wired together ironstone platter. It's displayed in the entrance of our home on a bare farm table. Sheer Urban Prairie elegance.


Elizabeth said...

You are just freaking me out - in a good way. Yes, I love cracked doll heads (and hands, legs...)and yes, I have a jar full of medical sissors that I love! No teeth yet, but I am keeping an eye for them - and speaking of eyes - would love a bowl full of glass eyes (the real deal - no repos) - macabe? Yes. Strange? Definitely. Super cool. Of course! Thanks for sharing - love your style - all your own. Much admiration from a fellow Texan - Elizabeth

gena said...

I like your style! I run a vintage clothing/lifestyle store here in the UK, I often come across little vintage oddities! my own preferences are for old gardening tools and vintage wedding pics,great site! I shall visit often.