Thursday, January 11, 2007

A True Fan(atic)


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the Urban Prairie site, and for your incredible vision and gorgeous design!! I came across your site earlier this week and have been lovestruck ever since. THIS is what I've been searching for....THIS is the style that captures all that I am about...all that I want to be! THIS is home.

And I want IN. I want to immerse myself in Urban Prairie and swallow it whole! I want to be baptised in your chippy-peely font of new country! (Do I sound like a raving lunatic? Well, I guess I am, a little.) I need you to come to my apartment and work your magic, and turn this quaint-but-dated suburban hole into a prairie oasis and make it sing! You see, I've got the raw materials--I've been collecting textiles and china and bottles and baubles for years--but I can never seem to pull them together with the appropriate panache. I'm a transplanted Californian living in Columbus, Ohio, and for years I worked on a little look I called "Beach Farm"...easy-going, summer cottage meets heartland farmhouse. Then one bright morning, A-HA!!....Urban Prairie. It embraces all!

How can I be more a part of Urban Prairie? Tell me you need a personal assistant, and I will be at your door pronto! Tell me that you're thinking of opening a shop in Columbus, and I'm your gal! Or even tell me that you'll be moseying through central Ohio on a junking trip soon, and I promise I'll buy you all the beer (or margaritas or Jack) it's safe to drink.

Seriously, Chris, thank you for making your vision and creativity available to us, the tired and uninspired masses, and for all the positive energy that is bound to ripple out from these wonderful pages. Keep up the love.


Mo McC

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Wow! Look at you now!!!