Monday, January 15, 2007

Trick My Bus

A very late night IM conversation between Amie Sikes of the Junk Gypsy Company and Urban Prairie's Chris Brown:

Amie Sikes: Hey cowboy!
Chris Brown: Hey cowgirl!

AS: We've got a project in the works.
CB: I'm all ears...
AS: You know Miranda Lambert?
CB: The Grammy nominee Miranda?
AS: Yep, that's the one.
CB: How's she doing?
AS: She's great.
CB: I hear she's got a brand new set of strings?
AS: You're a dork Chris, but we love you anyway.
CB: At least I'm taller than you...
AS: No you're not!
CB: Yes I am!
AS: Focus Chris.
CB: Shoot.
AS: We've been asked to decorate Miranda's new tour bus and drive it from Texas to Nashville and surprise her with it. You got anything you might wanna add to the decor of the bus??? Like a few of your little vintage bottles??? Or some of your cultural oddities???
CB: I think I can throw a few things in the mail.
AS: We will be rollin' out to Nashville on Jan 15th. Country Living magazine will be ridin' with us. I will need all stuff for da bus in house as quickly as possible.
CB: You got it!
AS: Junk Gypsy decor with a litte Urban Prairie style thrown will be total rockstar cowgirl! Thanks Chris!
CB: 10-4 good buddy.

Check out for a LIVE BLOG journal of Country Living's Roadtrip with the Gypsies from Texas to Tennessee. Or visit for more details.


Katie said...

I'm so excited about seeing this bus...I just know it's going to look FABULOUS!!!

junkgypsy said...
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junkgypsy said...

hey yall. . . it looks totally ROCkStar-COWGiRl fabulous! be sure to check out and look at the blog! not all the pics are up yet . . . but more to come!