Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A True Fan (6)

From KansasRose's Favorite Five:
Chris Brown of

Now ladies...I am a happily married woman but this Texas dude is HOT....not only that but he is hot in the design biz. Chris is the founder of the cool site urban and has his first book coming out in June called "Crack Heads". This blue jeaned/tatooed guy is a devoted husband and father and takes old junk, vintage finds, antiques and puts a twist to it that is REAL and beautiful and edgy and just plain cool. Chris is ONE to watch! Plus...he is a genuinely nice person and not on some kind of ego trip like so many designers/lifestyle/book writers are...what you see is what ya get. Real, honest Texas prairie hipness.


kansasrose said...

OMG...I saw those pics and then I realized...THANKS! They look better on your site. :)

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you kansasrose - Chris is the one to watch. And being a fellow Texan, I would agree that he is one "hot Texan" but even more so - with alot of unique talent. I have never met him personally, but via emails, I would agree that he is the "real deal with no squeal, but a lot of appeal...." We Texans stick together, you know ;-)