Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Skin Deep

Each week I get at least 15 to 20 inquires about my tattoos. Questions ranging from, “How many tattoos do you have” to “Who does your tattoos” and “Please take us on a tour of your tats”. I’ve loved tattoos since I was very young. I studied my dad’s ink for hours. He has three. I have far surpassed him. I don’t know wether it’s the art and design, the colors or just the idea of having something under your skin that will be with you forever that draws me to them. To me tattoos are very personal. Each one means something. Although I may not reveal the meaning behind them all, I will take you on a “tour” of what I have presently. I have only worked with three tattoo artist. I have designed all my tattoos, although I have given each artist free rein to put a bit of their own style into each. 90% of my ink has been done by Nick from EPIC TATTOO in Fort Worth, Texas.

Right Upper Arm: Both my daughters names surrounding a red rose and green leaves.
Left Lower Inside Arm: Black and gray gothic cross surrounded by red roses and green leaves and scrolling vines.
Left Upper Arm: A red sacred heart crowned with thorns and fire. My mothers name Grace with tribal scroll work in black. Magenta flowers with green leaves and blue japanese waves that surround my whole arm.
Left Upper Shoulder: A orange/yellow/red koi fish mixed with blue japanese waves.
Left Upper Shoulder Blade: A red/orange rose with scrolling vines/thorns.

All of the art on my Left Upper Arm/Shoulder/Blade is surrounded with a backdrop of gray swirling japanese style clouds.

Photo by D'Ette Cole


Lisa Hoffman said...

I loved this post, Chris!
Your body is indeed a work of art. I am tatt-less because no one has agreed to put me under general anesthesia amd i sure as heck don;t want to watch! I guess that I'll just have to gaze at my friends....
Lisa H

michelle ward said...

yeah! thanks for the that you designed yours, and with such sentiment....hope we get to see more photos (hint). raising my hand as a girl with ONE tat so far.

carlene federer said...

thanx for the "tat tour" I've only got one so far, but I'm kinda itching for another...

kansasrose said...

Your tattoos are some of the most striking I have ever seen. I wanted to get a small white rose on my ankle when I turned the big 50 last year but chickened.

Elizabeth said...

I always loved your ink! I got a tattoo only two years husband had just left me (never, ever saw it coming) and I flew home, to Texas, to be with my sis while my ex was packing and moving out. My whole life was turned upside down and was so out of control. He kept calling the shots and I only had the choice to play the cards he dealt me. When I got off the plane, I told my sister that "I want a tattoo." She was shocked, but I told her that I have to get some control in my life somewhere...I told her I wanted a word tattooed on me - in Mandrin Chinese. I told her that I wanted a word that would help me get through this horrible time, something I use to have, but no longer have, but need. Something I will use and something I can share with others who are going through pain. My sis came up with the perfect word: "Courage." I got it on my lower back. I live with that word on so many levels. I talked my sister into getting one too - she let me choose her word since she chose mine - I chose for her: "victorious" since she came out the other side from a horrible divorce and marriage only two years earlier.

Thanks for letting me share - and thanks for letting me peek at your ink - it is beautiful, you know.