Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Note from Chris

The May 4th opening of the online Urban Prairie SHOP seems to of been premature on my part. I wanted to get some of my cool collections online as soon as possible. But my people, (yes, can you believe it, I now have people) strongly suggested that I premiere the online SHOP section of the Urban Prairie site with the release of my book "Crack Heads" at the end of June. It will all be one big promotion now. I promise it will all be worth it for the serious collectors. And maybe the newcomers will find something cool too.


oldflowers4me said...

hello, dear friend, can you give us a hint at what the collections for sale are, love jo.

Chris Brown said...

Thanks for writing. I appreciate all the support you've sent my way in the past couple of months.
As for the collections that will be available...first, all are very cool. All of them were collected and put together by me. Here's a sneak at some: Swiss canteens collection with glass decanter tops, Vintage softball collection with heavy wire basket & 1950's cattle fair award ribbon collection and lots more...

Hope you stop by to shop in June?


kansasrose said...

Hey Chris will there be some of those cool hemp and ticking pillows for sale? Love those...and what about old religious statuary? Can't wait to get the book and see your stuff here. Take care, kr

carlene federer said...

Are you counting your tattoo artists as your "people"? lol!!!
Where did you get your people? I want people too!
I'll be saving my $'s so I can get my Urban Prairie shop on in June!