Thursday, June 28, 2007

RED's Designer Spotlight

I'm honored to be featured in the "Designer Spotlight" for RED's hip new newsletter, DAILY DISH, available online now at:

RED, the hot new storefront in Fredericksburg, Texas offers clean vintage furniture, original antiques, sleek modern pieces and great textured accents. To receive your FREE copy of the newsletter, sign up at

Photo: D'Ette Cole

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1} Wild Flowers
2} Vintage Optomologists Lens Testers Collection
3} Son Volt - Bandages & Scars
4} Antique White 3legged Metal Stools
5} Chicken Fried Lamb Chops

Monday, June 25, 2007


"Crack Heads": The release of the book is being delayed by two or three weeks due to production issues. The first print run was not up to Chris's high standards. Brown said "I have a certain vision going into a project. After seeing the proofs, I just felt a few tweaks needed to be made. I'm very excited about this release." Further details soon.

RED "Designer Spotlight": The Urban Prairie camp has been told that Chris's "Designer Spotlight" should premiere online sometime this week, possibly Wednesday, the 27th, as part of RED's "Daily Dish" newsletter. To assure that you do not miss it, sign up for your free copy at

Photo of Chris: D'Ette Cole

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Sneak Peek...

A peek at the cover of Chris Brown's latest book "Crack Heads". This is the first release in the Urban Prairie "Oddity" series, under the REFUELED BOOKS label. Details on it's upcoming release SOON!

Friday, June 22, 2007


ATTENTION Graphic Designers & Urban Prairie cult followers! DESIGN the August header graphic for Chris Brown's "REFUELED" blog. The best design will appear on the blog for the whole month of August. Get those creative juices flowing. Entries should be emailed to: no later than July 28, 2007.

Specifications must be met to qualify:
GRAPHIC SIZE: Width 9.014" x 4.75" (649 x 342 pixels)

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What Happens in Vegas...

Back from a "styling gig" in Las Vegas. Three HOT days and nights spreading the Urban Prairie vibe. Hope to have UPDATES on all projects in the works sometime this weekend. STAY TUNED!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lo and Behold are Mike Miller and Karen Linder. They've been in business since 1997 buying and selling cultural oddities, folk art, not-folk art and antiques. Mike is originally from Bethal, Pennsylvania where he reluctantly absorbed the antique trade by working part time in his father's auctioneering business. Karen hails from Middletown, Ohio and defiantly quit her sensible job in the advertising world to join Mike in the pursuit of mysterious and wonderful objects. They travel extensively in search of particularly thrilling items that fall through the cracks of everyday life.

1} Robert Loughlin - NYC artist
2} Adopting a pet from your local greyhound rescue association
3} Tacos al Pastor
4} Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
5} Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel

1} Auction box lots filled with treasures.
2} Vintage clothing purchased at thrift shops. Recycle and reuse and help save the earth by buying one less thing manufactured in China.
3} Yul Brynner in "The Magnificent Seven". Now that's a manly man. And a gunslinger with honor.
4} Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Support local organic farming by purchasing a share in a farm and receive weekly shipments of fresh organic fruits & vegetables.
5} Antiques at the Garage in New York City. In Chelsea to be exact. A fantastic market in existence for over 25 years featuring a group of dealers selling antiques, art and vintage clothing every Saturday and Sunday. More info at:

Thursday, June 14, 2007


RED - The Daily Dish: "Designer Spotlight"
The debut issue of their monthly online newsletter. It is design on the edge! It is happiness in your inbox! It is your daily dish! RED offers collections of clean vintage furniture, original antiques, sleek modern pieces and great textured accents. { Online at } RED, 218 West Main, Fredericksburg, Texas

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reincarnated Rubbish

Seems all my favorite, cool people are being featured in mags this month. San Francisco couple, Fred & Wendy Testu are sharing their unique spin on French flea-market decorating in the June/July issue of Home Companion. Fred runs Grenouille, a warehouse under the Bay Bridge where decorators, art directors and movie set designers shop his tattered treasures that he brings back from frequent trips to France. You can listen to a podcast with Fred at Click on the Fred Testu link. There Fred tells how he and Wendy use walls and floors as the backdrop for their antiques. The couple is also featured in the very hip book titled Family Spaces: Creative Solutions for Family-Friendly Interiors. Their dining area is featured on the cover.

Photos: Matthew Millman & Lars Jagatai Bunch

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Crack Heads" PreOrders

Pre-orders for "Crack Heads", a book of Chris Brown's vintage doll head collection can be posted here. Simply include your name, email address and the number of copies you would like to reserve. The handmade, indie vibe of the book and it's package is a true representation of Chris' Urban Prairie style. Each will be printed on recycled stock, uniquely packaged and signed. Copies will be ready to ship at the first of July.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Marfa, Texas

Photos from the Marfa, Texas Series - Allison V Smith

© Copyright Allison V Smith. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, June 1, 2007

1} A Full Moon
2} Redneck Hall, Warrenton, Texas
3} Allison V Smith Photos/
4} Vintage Scissors
5} Neil Young's "Live At Massey Hall"