Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A True Fan (4)

Belinda writes:
I discovered you and your Urban Prairie style about a year ago. Since then I've tried to absorb everything I could about you and your different take on design and decorating. There is something about a man with tattoos. And the way you see beauty in old things. And you're straight. That in itself is different in the design world. My friends and I check your blog daily and are thinking of starting a blog about you and your inspiring style and views.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Red Antlers

Not to be outdone by Eric Ginder, D'Ette Cole from CLUTTER fame offered red antlers at the Fall .06 Warrenton Antique show.

Ghost Antlers

Eric Ginder creates well made products that attempt to blur the line between art and design. His Ghost Antlers are a must for every Urban Prairie home.

Shut Up & Sing

I've got one thing to say, "I'm NOT ashamed that the Dixie Chicks are from my home state of Texas". I was one of the first to buy their current release, "Taking the Long Way". It's somewhat of a departure, musically, for them - and I love it. We live in a FREE country. We all have freedom of speech - it's our right. Look what happened at the Grammy's. I champion the chicks even more now. I just viewed the new film "Shut Up & Sing" on DVD. It's an amazing piece. You will definitely cheer the girls on. All three are simple, family loving, amazing musicians who continue to live in Texas and just want to make music, their way. I for one will continue to listen.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Little Urban House on the Prairie

Spring is when things ready start getting hot. The Warrenton/Roundtop antique show is around the corner. "Crack Heads", the first book in the Urban Prairie "oddities" series will be released in it's special "collectors" addition. Brand new "REFUELED" tees will be available. Fans from all over the world are emailing and getting caught up in this crazy, indie-vintage, cult design thing called URBAN PRAIRIE. Life is good.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Urban Prairie "Collectors Profile" Series

Second in a Series - Debbie Dusenberry

For nearly 20 years Debbie Dusenberry was a successful photo stylist in the midwest working on everything from fashion catalogs to motion pictures. Her passion for antiquing and finding the goods for other clients lead her to leaving the production world behind and opening her own retail store in September of 2000. For the first time, Kansas City had a retail store with a less than serious mix of new and antique merchandise; skillfully displayed by Debbie herself. Her popularity grew as national press began to hear of her inspirational displays and uncommon mix of casual furnishings and offbeat gifts.

Name: Debbie Dusenberry
Company: Curious Sofa
Location: Kansas City (Prairie Village, Kansas)

Crew: My tireless staff: Heather Fraser, Abby Campbell, Michelle Fox, Natalie Burns and Angie Cummings- and the countless vendors that supply me the goods.

Influences: I can be influenced by nearly anything done well. Seeing the decor of a restaurant, a display at a flea market, the assortment of tools a farmer might have in his barn. The design, the color palette, the placement may spur an idea for a retail display or one of a kind design. I am passionate about design books and magazines as it is the poor mans way to travel and see how others live. I love
Edwardian ephermera and clothing. Mostly for texture and (lack of) color. European Farmhouse style can also a big influence on the direction I take my store each season.

Philosophy: Run your business with integrity, care about the details and do something different.

Favorite Collection: I started a collection of blue transferware and ended up adding anything blue to make it unexpected: blue label chemist bottles, cigar tins and dusty blue ornaments. I also have a silly collection of chicken wish-bones inspired by Harvey Keitel's character in The Piano.

Favorite Piece from Collection: A giant water basin I accidentlally broke in two. I couldn't bare to throw it out so I stacked it inside each other which looks like two bowls now. Everyone thinks I did it on purpose.


Note: Debbie and her crew at Curious Sofa can be found in the current (March 2007) issue of Country Living magazine, in the SHOP TALK section.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again...

A personal note from Chris:

Dear "Urban Prairie" Devotees,
I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the well wishes, sweet words, little pictures and drawings (loved the cracked doll head in a bowl of soup), cards, cures, home-grown potions, prays, chants, voodoo and 21 different recipes for chicken soup. It all meant the world to me while I was down with the flu.

Much love to all.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I Am The Walrus...

...who is out with the flu! Hope to be back in a few. Until then, was it the Beatles who shaped and molded Chris Brown? Something to ponder.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

They're Back!

Chris Brown from Urban Prairie and D'Ette Cole from Etta Industry spent time together last October in Warrenton, Texas for the Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Show. During the show they drove out to a small, "Twin Peaks" like little thai joint 17 miles outside Austin. There they talked about many things - Clutter, cultural oddities, tumbleweeds and Marfa, Texas {this conversation can be found at in the STYLE & INSPIRATION section, under CLUTTER}. Because of the great response and interest in the self-discribed ODD COUPLE's "conversation", Chris and D'Ette have agreed to reunite for the Spring Warrenton show in April and bring us another interesting collaboration. Stay tuned to these pages for that "odd" reunion.

A True Fan (3)

Needless to say I was so thrilled this morning when I saw that Chris Brown had left a comment on my blog....He is the founder of Urban Prairie and just about the coolest and hippest dude of all things JUNK or JUNQUE whatever ya want to call it but using stuff like cracked old doll heads and old bottles in a new and beautiful way...I am a newbie urban prairie style "JUNK-ie" and I love his approach....he also answers your queries on his "Refueled" blog...this is not your grandma's junk! But if it is...Chris Brown tweaks it and makes it cool.

Kansas Rose

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Allison Goes to Marfa

One of Chris' favorite photographers is Dallas gal Allison V. Smith. The new hip spot in Texas, Marfa, is the subject of one of her photo series. She has a perfect Urban Prairie eye. To view photos from the complete series, visit: or

Pre Order New Tee

The new Urban Prairie "REFUELED" destroyed tees will be available this March. Sizes will range from small to large and will only be available in white {cool for summer}. You can PRE-ORDER yours today by emailing Once online at, they will go fast. So don't miss out - get "REFUELED".

Monday, February 5, 2007

Curious Sofa

Look for Debbie Dusenberry and her shop, Curious Sofa, in the latest issue of Country Living magazine. Debbie and Chris have become fast friends in the last year and are always emailing each other with questions, advice, gossip and maybe a good sushi resturant. Coming soon, Debbie will be the next subject in the Urban Prairie "Collectors Profile" series, found on this blog. Until then, grab a Country Living and enjoy the vintage magic that is Curious Sofa.

Also visit: or
Curious Sofa is located in Kansas City, Kansas

Sunday, February 4, 2007

{ Style Tip } Welcoming Winter

Question: Hi Chris! Hope you can help? In the last few days it has snowed - alot. I'm throwing a dinner party and want the guest to arrive to more than a ton of snow piled against the door. How can I make a warm welcome? Thanks, Michelle L.

Answer: Michelle, Believe it or not we also get some snow down in the lone star state, so let me tell you what I do. I love ivy and moss. I have it growing year round (in the greenhouse during the cold months). Before your guest arrive, simply place ivy/moss filled vintage urns on both sides of the doorway. Right down in the snow. {Tip} Do this only 10 or 15 minutes before your guest arrive. Everyone will arrive with a fresh, summer dose of green to welcome them. And the off white urn plays well off the super stack white snow. Thanks for writing, Chris

Friday, February 2, 2007

Grab Some U.P. Swag

Chris makes the rounds twice a year at the Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Show in Texas. For him it has become a place to relax, visit old friends, make new ones and simply recharge his creative battery. For two days, April 2nd & 3rd, Chris will be hanging out at the Warrenton & Marburger Farm show. Spot him, introduce yourself and say you're a Urban Prairie junkie and he'll give you a free Urban Prairie "REFUELED" promotional tee or tank. You can't beat that with a stick.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

To Kill A Prairie Bird

A quote from a recent interview with Chris:

“People are beginning to ask more and more about the way I add cultural oddities to a surrounding to give it a modern feel with a twist. I feel the “less is more” vibe is making a comeback in a big way. For me it never left. I think a simple tattered vintage bingo card tacked to a huge empty wall speaks volumes. Maybe that’s just me. I’ve been called the Boo Radley of the design world.”