Monday, October 5, 2009

Inside-the-Design: Refueled Magazine

As with any creative person I am inspired by the work of other creatives around me, people I have respect for, who’s work rides in that same vibe as my own. Time and time again I seem to turn to REM for a refueled spark. When I sit down to start planning the look and feel of each issue, and then finally putting together spreads, REM always seems to be playing in the background. After some recent banter with producer Steve Reiss, I revisited REM’s Road Movie, a 1996 concert film which Steve co-produced. Road Movie documents the entirety of the modern-day arena-rock experience, complete with dizzying effects, neo-punk camera angles and a let-the-music-do-the-talking premise - it is this vibe that has inspired the spreads in the upcoming issue, which drops Nov. 1. Road Movie’s set designer Mark Fisher layered and constructed beautiful, sometimes nonsense images into each song, giving the viewer an expanded vision - something I try and do with Refueled.

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