Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amy Cook "Behind-the-Cover"

For two days, in the midst of a Austin Texas heat wave, carrying nothing but a camera and a smile, I captured footage of singer/songwriter Amy Cook hanging out, telling stories and doing what she does best - performing incredible music.

Amy Cook “Behind-the-Cover”, a short film produced by my new company Refueled Films, is the first in a series that will accompany my style+design publication Refueled. The idea to start documenting what goes into producing the cover feature and including it on the magazine’s website seemed like a natural progression. The goal for Refueled is to always stay current, if not on the edge, of what’s happening with online magazines - including video was the next step.

The nine minute short goes behind-the-scenes with Amy Cook while being interviewed for Refueled. Cook performs an special acoustic version of “Down to the River” from her upcoming release “Let the Light In”, talks a little about the making of the song “Saltwater” and spends some quiet time with friends down by the Colorado River in Austin, Teaxs.

A rare glimpse at an amazing artist. Produced & directed by Chris Brown and edited by award-winning editor Darrell Stevens.

You Tube:
Refueled Magazine:


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