Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paper, Fabric & Found Objects

It's always my quest to bring REFUELED viewers the folks I feel best capture the vibe of the Urban Prairie style. Self-described "third generation junker" Katrina Rodabaugh is one of those folks. She makes little things, writes little things and finds little things.

From journals made from paper, recycled brown bags and red thread to sculptures constructed of found materials like bark, Katrina is not afraid to experiment, which is the true spirit behind Urban Prairie. For more insight to Katrina, her creations and life, visit her blog.


kelly said...

i just found you through katrina's blog. so happy to see her spotlight. your blog rocks

Katrina said...

thank you, chris. i'm honored. and i just wrote a post to say so. come take a look and yes, let's stay in touch. and have a great weekend.