Friday, January 18, 2008

Combining Disparate Objects

I'll give everyone one guess to why I am immediately drawn to the work of Liz Grotyohann. Liz's company is called Pica Pica (Black-billed magpie, latin name. (See also magpie: Someone who collects things cast off by others). Liz's collage and found object art has been called "dark, wicked and evocative." She assembles scraps of paper, wood and cast off objects into dark vignettes often dealing with difficult issues. Frequently, she uses iconic symbols of childhood recontextualized to portray a loss of innocence. Her works are sometimes deliberately ambiguous, leaving it to the viewer to decide what level of message to take from the piece.


Lynne said...

great work!

thealteredpage said...

These assemblages are fantastic. Thanks for the link to the site.