Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Birds

I'm all about lo-fi. My iphone, along with the application Camera Bag, gives me great grainy Holga images in a snap. Shot this at dust in a intersection where the scene is straight out of a Alfred Hitchcock film.


Courtney said...

I'm also obsessed with Camera Bag! It's how I shot the pic of my camel planter with herbs and another pic of Burkly with her head under the bed. Such a fun app and this picture is fantastic!

jenx67 said...

this is the next big thing - you're really on to something. very interesting stuff you have here and over at your Web site. i htink i'm hooked after 10 minutes of looking. i love the name urban prairie refueled. how 'bout you come to oklahoma city and cover the real refueling of the urban prairie? i'm in PR - lived here for 25 years. i'll show you around.

Katrina said...

such a lovely photo, indeed. (hope you are well!) xoxo, k.