Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You like it, you really like it!

After a little over a week since my alt-country style+design magazine REFUELED was released, thousands of you have downloaded and viewed the debut issue. Thank you. I have gotten tons of emails, letters to the editor and comments on it's design, content, photographs and the fact that it has filled a "alternative country" void. I really appreciate all the response. It will better shape the future of the magazine. I'm very excited about the Fall/Winter issue.

Click HERE to view REFUELED online at Issuu or
Download in PDF format directly to your desktop HERE.


Scarlett said...

Nope, I *love* it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!
You are truly inspiring in words and pictures.
Let me know if you've got any secret spots for gathering goods around DFW~ I am a Foat Wuth gal! said...

Curiosities in Dallas has really cool oddities/folk art/antiques. visit:

Thanks for stopping by also. Check in often.