Sunday, October 7, 2007

"REFUELED" Soundtrack

Chris Brown's "REFUELED", a short film documenting the Warrenton, Texas antique show will feature the music of Centro-Matic.

"It's unforgettable in a Neil Young or Jeff Tweedy kind of way… It's a hootenanny of sweetly weathered proportions, free-wheeling clap-alongs and perfectly boozy balladry - not to mention ass kicking pop songs about rotary wheels and shotgun shells. Love You Just the Same is what a trucker cap would sound like if it could sing. Oh, and play violin." -- Magnet


Cheryl said...

You lucky guy!
Great song -
I love them!
Stash said...

The gritty & beautiful voice of Will fits perfect with the images of the "REFUELED" film.