Friday, September 28, 2007

Uncommon Objects

One of the highlights of the Warrenton/Marburger Farm antique show for me is being just an hour outside of Austin. The state capital of Texas is home to probably my favorite shop of oddities and curious goods, Uncommon Objects. I will shop the fields, tents and out buildings of Warrenton first, then I will make the hop over to Austin for a cup of java at Joe’s Coffee Shop. From there it is over to Uncommon Objects for a hunt of everything from antique cowboy hats and shirts, baskets of doll arms and legs, old medical charts to vintage flash cards and circus signage. It is a “found” collectors heaven. Owner Steve Wiman houses 30 vendors from around the country and Europe. I relish the folks from Texas and Steve’s own space within the store. Steve also sets up shop at Marburger Farms show in the old bingo hall, so I can get a double whammy.

Check out the website at:
Photo: Theresa Cano


Garden_Antqs said...

Hi Chris: thanks for stopping by the show yesterday and today, had fun visiting with you. Hey, great photo :)

oldflowers4me said...

oh , you lucky thing- i hope you got some yummy junk- la la la .love jo anderson

Jennifer Stewart said...

This is my favorite store and I often stop in just to walk thru and soak in some inspiration. So many of the storage containers in my creative space are from this store. Love, love it.

Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella!


Anonymous said...

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