Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Guys of Texas are Upon You.


Chris Brown’s aesthetic is gritty dirt road meets modern city concrete, so it is quite obvious why his style & business is called Urban Prairie. Brown is a designer, stylist and collector and showcases those titles at his alt-country website and on his blog REFUELED ( Look for a new book, "Crack Heads" a visual journal of his cracked doll head collection and a short film titled "REFUELED", a documentary of a three day hunt at the Warrenton, Texas antique show - both available soon.

Steve Wiman is an artist whose medium is found-object assemblage, and his look is what makes Uncommon Objects in Austin, uncommon. “Raw material for creative living” is the tagline for his SoCo located store which celebrates homemade American ingenuity and weirdness - a statement that couldn’t hold more truth.
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Jason Cohen has a well-trained eye for odd objects. Cohen runs the Dallas store Curiosities, an eclectic mix of antique and art dealers which forms a wild emporium of tasty goods! Many of the vendors have over 25 years experience in the field. Inside you will find vintage folk art, circus banners, tramp art, Victorian elegance, antique religious icons and so much more. Visit at

Photo/Chris: D'Ette Cole

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oldflowers4me said...

oh - thankyou - i will have a little look at these 2 guys- they sound like fun..singing and skiping