Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reincarnated Rubbish

Seems all my favorite, cool people are being featured in mags this month. San Francisco couple, Fred & Wendy Testu are sharing their unique spin on French flea-market decorating in the June/July issue of Home Companion. Fred runs Grenouille, a warehouse under the Bay Bridge where decorators, art directors and movie set designers shop his tattered treasures that he brings back from frequent trips to France. You can listen to a podcast with Fred at Click on the Fred Testu link. There Fred tells how he and Wendy use walls and floors as the backdrop for their antiques. The couple is also featured in the very hip book titled Family Spaces: Creative Solutions for Family-Friendly Interiors. Their dining area is featured on the cover.

Photos: Matthew Millman & Lars Jagatai Bunch


Garden_Antqs said...

Chris: I'm always looking for good books; I'll have to check this one out. Looks like they find really cool things. Do they have a website? Have a good week, Theresa said...

I think you'll really enjoy the book...if for no other reason, get it for Fred & Wendy's place - it's very cool. No, at this time they do not have a site.