Friday, April 13, 2007

Warrenton/Round Top {Part 1} Hot Item

Warrenton/Round Top, Texas; Sturgis for junk/antique hunters. What was the hot, must have, seen everywhere item of the show? Vintage anatomy charts. While loading up on some of the coolest of the cool, and the oddest of oddities items that will soon find their way to the Urban Prairie SHOP section, I feasted on prime charts of all kinds. Hearts, lungs, bones and layers of skin. In all sizes and price ranges. Every home or office needs one or two.


oldflowers4me said...

hi, chris, i find all these vintage anatony charts fantastic, i haven't seen any in australia, ( at what price range do they start at, there great.

kansasrose said...

Chris...Did you see any old charts of farm animals like beef cattle or chickens? These human charts are cool!

Chris said...

Yes indeed! I saw a few of those as well. I really dig the cattle charts.


Anonymous said...

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